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Real News Feed

Everyday Citizen Journalists are the future Fourth Estate. The Network News Feed is more than just a stream of status updates. It’s the product of hard work and dedication to truth.


Add, vote or contribute to topics on a Secure Virtual Bulletin Board System. Keep track of the discussion and get notification of new replies, even as an Anonymous contributor.

Q Live Archive

The archive of QAnon posts is live updated. Add virtually any link on the web, text or image to each QAnon post and vote on the most informative proofs.

Open Lists

Connect the dots and organize seemingly disparate information with Lists of any type. Create an Open List to allow others to Add or Vote and rearrange List items.

Vote Content

Upvote or Downvote posts, memes, lists, parts of lists, polls, images, videos, links and thread replies. Organize and populate the News Feed with useful information.


Write a fully-researched story or feature article, get feedback from the community and share your link (with embeddable card ) anywhere on the web.

Q Research Notables

Each night, the bakers update the list of Notable research done by Anons on 8ch. Stay up to date or add your own work to help expand each Notable.

Meme Maker

Memes, memes, and more memes! Why are memes so important? VOTE! & MEME! VOTE! & MEME! VOTE! & MEME! We are counting on you. Q

Start a Poll

Fake News fudges stats. Conduct an actual multi-part poll to gauge reactions to a topic, story idea or strategy. Use polls to determine which meme has legs or to help improve the Network.

Private Messaging

Drop a note to an anonymous or regular user in private or public mode. Send kudos or constructive criticism or plan your next piece together.

Q Clock

Anons have noted relevancy in the timing of QAnon posts. Check the current day’s Q Clock or teleport through time by clicking anywhere you see a clock.

Networking, Better Organized.

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