Operation Koala (1/6)

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Worldwide child sex offender network dismantled

Customers from all over the world ordered tailor-made videos showing the sexual abuse of children from a modelling website run by an Italian citizen The case, named "Operation Koala", began in 2006 when a child abuse video was discovered in Australia. This particular video had been produced in Belgium.

The abusive material was mainly produced in the Ukraine in the man’s private studio. Some material was filmed in Belgium and in the Netherlands. 

This is interesting as the Ukraine has been in the news lately.  I am seeing relationship between deep state and Ukraine resistance.  More digging to do on this.  Was this a way to “fund” the resistance?  Nothing you read about Russia is true.  I have it on authority that Putin had met with Ukraine and Belarus to become united again as the USSR.  The resistance, of course, is opposed to this.  I can not find anything on this agreement, however, I can not read nor speak Russian.  But makes total sense. Anyway, EO 13526  and KOALA was mentioned in the same post , I have a feeling, that a lot of people were involved with Koala incl no name and Brennen, perhaps HRC, and Obama but all will be out soon.

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